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Making A Poem | Vihang A. Naik | Book Review

THEME: 4/5POEMS: 3.5/5ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5 My Musings I cannot say that I am a huge fan of poetry, and that is because when I compare the ratio of my poetry reads to the total books that I read in a given year, the result is usually a very dismal one. Poetry is a genre whose

Please, Let Me Go | Caitlin Spencer | Book Review

SUBJECT: 5/5WRITING STYLE: 4/5RELEVANCE: 4/5OVERALL: 4.5/5 My Musings I feel quite embarrassed as I am writing this review and deciding on what ratings to give the book. As a woman, I feel guilty because giving this book ratings will mean belittling the struggle of its author. My only consolation is the fact that, maybe, when