Glamourpuss coverGlamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs

Submitter: I’m told a former director adopted a cat and went through a phase where she purchased a bunch of cat books in 2009. Somehow, despite terrible circulation, two made it to 2018 without being weeded: Glamourpuss and Cat Yoga. [Glamourpuss] is by far the funniest. It was checked out 5 times in the first year, but never again. The book is so bad, our consortium wouldn’t even add it to our online catalog.

Holly: My sides hurt from looking at these pictures. Too funny! I have to question a consortium that won’t add a book to the online catalog, though. Is there fine print somewhere that gives them veto power over collection decisions at the member libraries? Hmmmmm.

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Kitty Wigs professor

kitty wigs blonde

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