Hedgehog Hector loves his home, but
it shouldn’t prevent him from going out.

There’s so much to do—cooking,
playing the piano, snuggling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, etc.—that
Hector never feels like going outside. His squirrel friend Archie knocks on the
door of Hector’s tree and invites him outside to make footprints in the snow.
Excited, Hector runs to find his boots. But then he begins to worry: What if he
catches a cold outside? He decides to stay home. The next day, Max the mouse
calls with the news that the lake has frozen; it’s perfect for ice skating!
Hector gets excited again, but then he starts to worry. What if he falls and
hurts himself? Hector stays home. The next day, Hector receives a party
invitation, with “Music, Dancing, and Hot Chocolate for everyone!” Once again,
nerves supersede excitement, and he decides to stay home. But after a fitful
night’s sleep, in the morning he swallows his fear, puts on his best bow tie,
and goes to the party. Archie and Max greet Hector warmly, and enjoyment
finally takes over. A three-page afterword offers advice to caregivers on dealing
with children who worry. Rooks treats her subject with a light touch and
age-appropriate language, and her anthropomorphized animals, created with what
appear to be watercolors, are delightful.

Gentle, reassuring, and persuasive. (Picture
book. 3-6)

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